Contract Lawyers

The Law office of Lisa A. Vance works with contract lawyers in an effort to diminish costs and provide efficient services to our clients. Our paralegals are our case managers and they are the ones "at the front line" for our clients, handling the day to day scheduling, conferencing and litigation plans. But when there is a need for lawyers, we try to match the need to the skill set at the most efficient cost. So, our contract lawyers, who are NOT employees of the firm, will draft pleadings, perform legal research, handle lesser court appearances and interface with opposing counsel on matters that are just a bit above a paralegal's expertise. Each of our contract lawyers works under a separate legal entity and none is exclusive to The Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, P.C. (but we never work against each other! It is our goal to continue to provide our clients with a key legal staff member (our legal assistants) while working towards reasonable costs. And with these independent practitioners, we have found a way to meet that goal.


Kimberly Painter Hall

Kimberly Painter Hall is a distinguished graduate of St. Mary's University School of Law, following her Master's Degree in Psychology at California State University. Her legal experience has focused on real estate matters and title disputes. Ms. Painter Hall has also been a key contributor to the analysis of Bexar County offenders, focusing on rehabilitation and personal growth for offenders seeking a new future. The Law Office of Lisa A. Vance welcomes another "outside the box" thinker to our host of creative litigators!

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