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Despite dangers, online adoption and agencies taking flight

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2013 | Adoption |

Rather than waiting the traditional couple of years for an adoption agency to find the right match and push through all the paperwork, some are turning to the internet for a quick fix for their adoption backlog. The internet is beginning to transform how some birth mothers market themselves and the child they carry to potential parents. Vice versa, it is forcing potential parents to attempt to market themselves in a different manner than traditionally used through an agency.

In order to compete in this new online market, some couples are turning towards creating websites, taking out ads, and presenting video blogs about themselves in an attempt to draw the eyes of birth mothers perusing online for the right fit for their child. In choosing a couple to adopt their child, the birth mothers are also able to do things online that they may not be able to do through an agency.

Online agencies are also often not accountable to the same restrictions as a traditional adoption agency and therefore, birth mothers can customize who they want the potential parent to be by location, race, religion, or any other such criteria she may choose. Due to these new online agencies and online adoption channels, there are many in the adoption business that have ethical concerns regarding this new trend.

Many of the new online adoption facilitators are not bound by state oversight and have no legal license. They are also promising rewards such as payments to birth mothers that may be illegal in some states. The results they promise may be the most alluring though – adopting a child in six to nine months rather than two to three years sounds appealing to many who are seeking that child they long for to become part of the family. It is important to make sure that any online adoption provider you may choose to use is licensed.

The adoption process presents many difficult legal requirements. To assist you in these processes so that you can focus on creating the family you dream of, please reach out to a family law attorney who can best guide you through the legal side of adoptions.

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