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Family law judge: Former hoops great not-so-great dad

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2013 | Child Custody |

San Antonio basketball fans might not have rooted for Allen Iverson when he stepped on to the court to face the Spurs, but they had to acknowledge the man’s undeniable hoops talents. The undersized point guard could score like few others in the history of the NBA, could dish the ball (perhaps not as often as coaches would have liked) and could be a ferocious defender. He even contested rebounds against giants of the league.

For all his indisputable gifts on the court, there are apparently equal and opposite flaws off the court in a much more important part of life: fatherhood. That’s the opinion of a family court judge in Atlanta, anyway. The judge recently admonished Iverson while issuing a ruling on the former All-Star’s divorce and child custody disputes.

The judge unloaded on the former league MVP, saying that although Iverson is a father of five kids with his former high school sweetheart, he still doesn’t know how to manage children or take interest in learning how to take care of them. Worse, the judge insists that Iverson has been “at times, been a hindrance to their spiritual and emotional growth and development.”

The judge awarded Iverson’s former wife physical and legal custody of the children, though the former scoring champion does have visitation rights that come with a few conditions.

The conditions include the following: Iverson must remain sober for the next 18 months (the judge insists it’s time for the former hoops great to acknowledge and address his alcohol abuse problem). Iverson must attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the next year. He must also abstain from drinking within 24 hours of visiting any of his children — until all of those kids have reached the age of 18.

Divorce cases involving child custody disputes can be difficult for all involved. Those facing these matters should discuss them in detail with an attorney experienced in protecting parents’ rights and in helping forge agreements that are in the children’s best interests.

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