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Former Texas surgeon jailed on child support charges

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2013 | Child Support |

A former Texas hand surgeon has a knack for making headlines. This time, the ex-doctor who lives about 200 miles east of San Antonio has been arrested for failing to pay child support.

He was being held in the Harris County jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

The founder of a chain of carpal tunnel clinics lost his medical license back in 2006 after testing positive for cocaine.

He’s had a string of headline-grabbing incidents since then, including his arrest for felony assault on his wife (he was later acquitted of the charge), being sued by a woman for allegedly giving her herpes, and this past January, being arrested for allegedly assaulting a flight attendant.

The former hand surgeon also sued his ex-wife, claiming she devalued his carpal tunnel clinic business.

According to a Houston Chronicle article on the former surgeon, he was arrested on a British Airways plane the day after New Year’s on a flight from London to Miami, Florida.

He reportedly went to the front section of the plane to demand his meal and wine. A flight attendant then took him back to his seat. When a different attendant approached him, he allegedly grabbed her arm, pulled her toward him and began making sexual comments before letting her go.

Later, when the flight attendant attempted to serve him his meal, he reportedly grabbed her around the neck and squeezed, asking her if she is a strong woman.

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