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Explicit pictures of Alamo admin emerge in divorce case

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2013 | Divorce |

Those living in San Antonio know that a divorce is one of the most difficult hardships that any family can go through. It is a process that can tear children away from parents and friends away from friends. When details come to light that make what should be a private struggle a very public spectacle, the stress and tenseness associated with an already complex divorce experience is greatly amplified.

One such divorce involves a woman who happens to be the supervisor of the Alamo. When explicit photos of her surfaced and became a significant factor in her divorce, her and her family also had to worry about the surrounding community’s opinion of their intimate affairs. Her husband even claims that it may have even been her intent on getting the media involved.

Alamo officials have asserted that, while the divorce is unfortunate for the woman, it has no bearing on her employment status with the Alamo itself. The point was made that, despite the regrettable circumstances surrounding the administrator’s public image as a result of the controversy, the divorce was not something that made an impact on her role within the workplace. Other individuals working at the Alamo claim she still managed to do her job well while dealing with the situation.

Divorce is never an easy thing to go through. Had the pictures of the San Antonio woman not been exposed, this divorce could likely have been much less taxing on the family involved. In addition, taking the time to learn more about the laws and proceedings involved with getting a divorce beforehand may have made this situation much less complicated.

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