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Military divorce becoming more frequent

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2013 | Military Family Law |

Many people describe marriage as a great deal of work with many benefits. The benefits of having a dedicated mate make the trials of life less arduous, and the triumphs that much more exciting. Texas military couples are no strangers to triumphs and trials. Military couples have the added strain of long periods apart. They must deal with the demands of military life as well as direct connections to armed combat and its consequences. Sometimes, they have to deal with military divorce as well.

Military marriages tend to weather the storms of life better than non-military marriages. However, divorce rates have been steadily rising in recent years for military couples. The health of the marriages of those that serve our country is important, not only to their individual families but to the security of our nation. Those with stressful home lives do not perform as well at work, and in this instance, work happens to be the security of the United States.

Given the issue of the rise in military divorces, programs have been developed to cover topics from a healthy marriage to better decision making skills. The military is also starting to take note of contract marriages (marriages based on health and other benefits, as well as monetary incentives). Contract marriages can result in a letter of reprimand, or more seriously, a trial in a military court.

While military divorce may not be as common as civil divorce, it happens. Texas military couples are no different than military couples stationed all over the world. When a marriage dissolves, it can be difficult — to say the least. A military divorce can be even more difficult to navigate due to the explicit rules of the military branch. Understanding one’s rights and being aware of the applicable laws and procedures can greatly reduce the stress and typically lead to a fair and comprehensive settlement.

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