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An adoption road less traveled in Texas

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2013 | Adoption |

Opening your heart and home through adoption is no easy decision. Once you’ve chosen adoption, you’re likely faced with years of waiting, intricate procedural requirements, uncertainty, and daunting legal protocols. Recent creation of online adoption avenues adds even more complexity; prospective parents must learn how to market themselves as well as determine which of these internet agencies are legitimate. However, Texans seeking to adopt children have another option they may not know about – and it may be the most rewarding yet.

The Adoption Coalition of Texas is spotlighting children ready and available for adoption now through a collection of images making its way through several venues. Through these pictures, the group is reaching out to hopeful adopters and introducing them to children currently in foster care. The word “adoption” most often brings to mind infants, but doesn’t exclude other children from toddlers to teens. The images help people see the personalities of the children and imagine better how they could fit into their family.

Local photographers spent enough time with the kids to allow who they are to come through in the pictures. Some of the children are shown with their siblings. Others are captured as they handle a disability. All of the images were donated to the coalition, which sought to shift the children out of the background and into the thoughts of potential parents. The project has already brought several families together.

Taking in yet another alternative may seem unwise when you’re already overwhelmed with adoption pathways. But seeing the faces and characters of available Texas children in this itinerant display may spark a connection for you. Whichever actions you choose, family law professionals are available to help you along the way.

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