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Texas man seeks to reduce military divorce rates

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2014 | Military Divorce |

When one or both spouses in a marriage are in the military, the pressures surrounding them can be extremely trying. It’s no secret that busy schedules, time apart and heavy responsibilities can put a strain on a marriage, and that is especially true of military spouses. Recognizing this, the husband of a military member stationed in Texas has created an online video resource aimed at reducing the frequency of divorce among military spouses.

Dubbed “Macho Spouse,” the online resource presents stories and insights from male spouses of military members. In particular, “Macho Spouse” aims to help husbands identify and address challenges, as well as access information about career tips and family counselling.

So far, Macho Spouse’s founder has attended four conferences for military spouses, acting as a keynote speaker at each. He is driven by a desire to reduce the pressures on male military spouses by providing a support network. In this way, he addresses the high rate of military divorces and offers support for those who may be weighing their best possible options.

Military spouses in Texas can feel reassured that this support network exists. However, sometimes the healthiest thing a couple can do is to have a fresh start.

When divorce is the best option, the division of assets and the effect on military benefits need to be considered with great care. Child custody agreements also work differently for military couples. It is important to plan your divorce diligently, in order to reach the best possible agreement for all concerned.

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