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Texas law favors both parents equally in custody dispute

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2014 | Fathers' Rights |

Divorces always come with some kind of complication, but that shouldn’t stop couples from seeking divorce if their marriage simply isn’t working out. Some people may refrain from getting a divorce that might improve their lives simply because they’re afraid of what they might lose. There are common stereotypes associated with divorce settlements, most of them including an estranged wife seeking an exorbitant amount of money from her husband, frightened that her quality of life will decline after a divorce. Men aren’t without their own fears, however, most notable of which is child custody.

There is a fear among many men that courts blatantly favor women when it comes to child custody, with a divorce almost guaranteeing that a father will become less active in his child’s life. This fear has prompted a rally in Wisconsin in which fathers are seeking new laws that will ensure that they can remain a part of their children’s lives even after a divorce. This Wisconsin rally is indicative of a mentality that spans the whole country, including Texas.

Texas fathers will be happy to know, however that while these gender biased fears may have once been well-founded, but they hold no water in today’s society. It is now widely accepted that children are better off with both of their parents being involved in their upbringing, and many courts, including those in Texas, take this into consideration when handling matters of child custody.

Unfortunately this does not mean that you are guaranteed joint custody of your child. Both divorce parties can still make assertions that the other parents are unfit, for example. What it does mean is that fathers have a fair shot of being just as involved in their child’s life as the child’s mother is. Strong legal assistance can help you make your case for parenthood and give you a chance to be a father who is involved in his child’s life, even after a divorce.

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