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Texas man jailed for failing to pay child support

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2014 | Family Law |

One of the most important aspects of family law is how it affects children, and a particular case happening in Texas is causing a stir all across the country. The case follows the story of a man who failed to make his child support payments, through no fault of his own. He arrived at court when it was discovered that he owed over $3,000 in child support, however, it seems that he didn’t realize that he wasn’t paying his dues.

According to the father’s attorneys, the money was garnished from his employer, not his paycheck. The company never sent the money, and when the father learned of this, he paid back his overdue child support payments, with a $1,000 bonus. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t avoid facing jail time for failing to make the payments, so he’s getting set to serve a six-month sentence.

For his part, the father appears to be handling the situation well, considering the circumstances. In addition to paying all of his dues, which reinforces the idea that he was not intentionally dodging the payments, he has stated that the idea of serving jail-time makes him sick, but he just wants to move on.

The most important take away from this case is obviously the importance of being aware of your child support payments and the arrangements around them. Simply put, the courts pay less attention to intentions and more attention to actions, and the fact of the matter in this instance is that child support payments were not made. Parents who are concerned that there are problems of any kind with their child support payments, from the amount owed to the method of payment, can enlist the help of legal counsel to assist them.

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