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Mothers lose child custody due to unfit living conditions

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Child Custody |

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is coming to terms with a child custody agreement that you may not find acceptable. Even in best-case child custody scenarios, your relationship with your child will not be the same after a divorce as it was before. However, if you’re afraid of losing any kind of involvement in your child’s life, you should be able to receive a reasonable custody deal unless you have exhibited serious signs of negligent parenting.

Eight Texas children were recently placed in Child Protective Services? custody when police entered their home and found shocking living conditions. Police claim that they began looking for one of the boys after his mother reported the child missing. They found him at a nearby McDonald’s and brought him home, where his mother and her sister, both of whom failed a drug test, lived with all eight children in filthy conditions. The children are being sent to foster homes.

While this story has very little to do with child custody as it pertains to divorce, there are lessons that divorcing couples can learn from. If you are or may soon be involved in a divorce, it’s important to remember that the courts will take factors such as living conditions and quality-of-life into account. If, for example, your spouse can prove that she left you alone with the child for a week and returned to a filthy house in a state of complete disarray, you may not be given as much custody consideration.

The important thing to remember is that the courts will do what they believe is best for the child, so it is up to you to prove that your involvement is beneficial to the child’s upbringing. You can be involved in your child’s life in many different ways, from offering financial stability to volunteering at their school. Legal assistance can help you prove that you are fit for parenting, which will go a long way in giving you a desirable custody agreement.

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