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Military life can be hard on marriages

On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | Military Divorce |

Serving your country is one of the greatest honors that you can ever have. Military service is something to be proud of, and those of us on whose behalf you are serving are eternally grateful for the freedoms you fight to protect. Unfortunately, while military service is a great honor, it comes with many sacrifices. Most people think of military sacrifice as dying for your country, and while that may be the ultimate sacrifice, we know that there are many other areas of your life that you sacrifice in the name of your country.

One of those sacrifices is of course your family. Many families take for granted that mother or father comes home from work in the evenings, helping with homework or cooking dinner. This is not the case for military servicemen and servicewomen, who may be continually stationed in different states throughout their career, or who may even be across the seas in a different country. The strain that this time spent apart or the constant moving puts on a relationship is a real issue that many military members must deal with.

The truth is that military life is not for everyone, and some relationships simply cannot survive it. While divorce is an option for members of the military, many of the issues that make military marriages difficult can also make military divorces difficult, such as time spent with children, state of residence or even geographical location. It can be hard to move forward with divorce proceedings in a Texas court if you are on a tour in the Middle East.

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