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On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2015 | Divorce |

The importance of consulting with an attorney during divorce proceedings cannot be overstated. There are many complex issues in any given divorce case, and no two cases are truly alike, so it is important that you present a case that illustrates your unique circumstances. An in-depth understanding of how Texas courts treat divorce cases can significantly strengthen your case and ensure that your divorce agreement is fair to you and your circumstances.

Whether or not you have children, how much time you spend with your family unit, how much money you make and many other things can all drastically affect how your divorce case proceeds. Like most other states, Texas courts do what is in the best interests of the child. This means that if there are children involved in the case, it is important that you prove how important your involvement is to the child’s life if you want a custody agreement that allows you to spend time with your child.

If there is not a child involved in the divorce case, then a divorcing couple is likely to be most concerned with asset division and spousal support. Deciding who gets how much money can be very difficult, especially if one spouse did not work and instead kept the house. It can be hard to quantify just how much a non-working spouse contributed to the marriage and thus how much that spouse is entitled to during a divorce.

An attorney can help with all of these issues and more to ensure that your divorce case goes as smoothly as possible. More than just a smooth divorce case, you have a better chance of proving your case correctly before the courts to leave a marriage with a divorce agreement that is fair to you.