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Legal assistance for Texas military divorces

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Military Divorce |

San Antonio, Texas is the proud home of many military bases, including Randolph Brooks and Fort Sam Houston for example. There are many proud servicemen and servicewomen who call San Antonio their home, and it’s possible that some choose to remain in Texas even after they retire from the military. We are proud of our servicemen and women, and that is why we are proud to represent these individuals when they are going through difficult divorces.

Divorce carries a large stigma, with many families torn apart by impossible circumstances. This may be true for some people, but make no mistake: divorce can be a very good thing for many people as well. Some couples do not have any animosity toward one another, and they simply have fallen out of love for one reason or another. Those in the military are perhaps even more at risk of this, as some spouses who are not in the service realize that they cannot handle the constant moving from base to base or living for months on end without their loved ones.

For some people, divorce is a way to finish a chapter of their lives and move on to another chapter, possibly finding new love and building new relationships. However, even when divorce is a good thing, that does not necessarily mean that it will be easy. There will always be difficult issues such as asset division or child custody to determine in the event of a divorce, and these issues can be even more complex for members of the military.

If you are in the military, and you are going through a divorce, it is highly recommended that you meet with an attorney. Legal assistance can help you understand the particular issues that you may have to face, which may be the key to coming to a divorce agreement that is fair to you based on your circumstances.