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Will I receive alimony from a divorce?

Alimony, sometimes called spousal support, is one of the most controversial and heated issues in nearly every divorce. As pessimistic as it may sound, the vast majority of divorces tend to come down to money and assets, particularly if there are no children involved and child custody is not an issue. In most instances, when a marriage is coming to an end, the most important thing for both parties is who gets how much money or property by the end of it all.

This outlook is common all across the country, including in Texas. As a result of this mentality, there is almost always a disagreement when it comes to alimony. One party believes that he or she should receive alimony, but the other party disagrees. Or the party receiving alimony believes that he or she is entitled to more alimony while the party paying the support believes that he or she should be paying even less.

It is important to remember that, generally speaking, alimony is only awarded to individuals who cannot meet their needs without financial assistance, such as with spouses who did not earn an income throughout the marriage and thus have few or no job prospects. Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not be entitled to alimony, and it is difficult to tell for sure. However, there are some questions that can help you determine the likelihood of receiving alimony.

Most questions come down to how much money you make or your ability to make money. This includes your current state of employment, your state of employment before the marriage, your level of education and other such factors. If you find that many of the answers to these questions are disparaging when it comes to job prospects, then there is a chance that you may be entitled to alimony. In order to make sure that you properly present your circumstances before the courts, it is in your best interests to enlist the aid of an attorney.

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