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Our new home: Why the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance moved

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2018 | Family Law |


All of us at the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance are excited about a new change we’ve made over the last few months – we’ve moved!

We haven’t moved far at all, though – in fact, we’re just around the corner from the Victorian home that served as our office in the past few years. Our new office, at 814 North Alamo Street, is more modern without losing the charm we like to maintain. We believe it will be an even better place to practice family law.

One advantage our clients will notice is parking. Though we’re in a part of downtown that’s rarely short of parking, we can offer our guests a parking lot rather than saying, “Just find parking on the street.”

We wanted to make sure that we were downtown no matter what. It serves a practical, time-saving function for us, as most of our cases are in Bexar County, and we’re in good proximity to the courthouse. But being where we are downtown also allows us easy access to I-10, I-35, and 281 for when we need to venture out to the other counties where we practice.

Being located so close to where those three freeways converge also allows our clients, no matter where they are in and around San Antonio, to travel to our office.

Most people who come to our office comments on how cozy it feels, and even how refreshing it is compared to standard law offices, which tend to more focused on being neutral and functional rather than homey and welcoming. It’s important for us to express ourselves, and even our sense of humor, in our décor, and we’ve kept that even though it looks a little different in our new location.

But we also wanted functionality in our new office, and we have that. We have two conference rooms, allowing us the space to better manage alternative dispute resolutions like collaborative divorce and mediation. We have a space where all our lawyers can meet and share knowledge, which was a serious consideration in making the move.

We’re not quite finished yet – there’s still the matter of the sign we’ll be putting out front to let everyone know it’s us – but our legal team is settled in to their newly-arranged desks and working on cases in what we’ve determined to be a truly new and improved space.

If you’re looking for representation in family law matters, especially in divorce cases, child support matters, or custody matters, or if you’re looking for legal help with wills and other important documents, we have a team who will look out for your interests, protect your rights, and help you settle your case. We’ve worked with fathers looking to protect their rights, we’ve worked with same-sex couples, and we have an impressive assemblage of experience making us suited to most every case. We’d love to meet with you in our new offices, to help you no matter what your situation.