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Fierce, Compassionate Lawyers: What Our New Motto Means

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Family Law |

If you’ve visited our website lately, you’ll notice that we’re using the new motto, “Fierce, compassionate lawyers.” While the motto’s new, the attitude behind it has been with our firm ever since Lisa Vance first founded it – and it’s one that we’re proud to rally behind.

On one hand, we are fierce – meaning that we are tenacious and motivated litigators when the situation calls for it. We know how adversely divorce affects people, especially children, and we also know the varied, terrible circumstances that can lead people to divorce.

It’s a choice that racks people with fear and indecision and worry, but it’s also a choice that people make to live their best lives. We honor the gravity of those difficult decisions by making sure that we are prepared and ready for the courtroom battles we fight. We prepare our clients for what the fight might entail, keeping the ultimate goal of the fight in focus, and we do it well.

We also come to know who we’re fighting for and their aspirations and hopes for the future become ours – which is why, while we fight smart, we also fight with passion. Some family lawyers don’t actually like the courtroom, and would prefer not to be there. We prepare for it, and know from past cases that it’s the place where we do some of our best work. Not every case needs to go to a courtroom – and certainly, we look for alternatives to court if that’s what’s in a client’s best interest – but if the courtroom is where we determine we can best protect our client’s interests, that’s where we’ll do battle.

Though we are fierce, we are also compassionate. We understand what it takes to call a law firm to ask for divorce, then to come in to meet with a lawyer and start the divorce process – making it real. We listen intently to each person who trusts us to defend their parenting rights and their assets, making sure we know what you want to get out of the divorce. We then involve you in the plan of how to go about doing that.

If we believe that your case can best be handled through an alternative dispute resolution like collaborative law and mediation – shielding you and your children from the rancor that litigation often brings with it – we have the resources and experience to do that. If you need us to help you with a negotiated settlement, no matter how involved, we can help you with that as well.

And we’ll do so looking after your emotional well-being, which we know is vital to maintain in the divorce process. We strive to create a warm, safe setting which strikes many of our clients as more “homey” than a typical law office. We also strive to guide you through the process with compassion and understanding at the heart of our approach.