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The powerful bond between fathers and their children

by | Sep 3, 2022 | Children and Divorce, Children In Divorce, Family Law, Fathers' Rights |

At the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, we’re advocates for fathers’ rights because we feel that the bond between fathers and children are special, and we want to make sure that those rights are protected.

That was the inspiration for a video involving two collaborators who are near and dear to the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance: Isaac Brodsky for writing, directing, and producing this music video, and our own Byrd Bonner, who is a performer and singer as well as one of the talented lawyers making our San Antonio family law firm deliver fierce, compassionate representation for its clients.

You can check out the video below:

Here are the lyrics:


We need each other

To show us what is really going on

It’s a bother

The world we made for ourselves

It’s in our hands for sons and daughters all

Has anyone stopped to say,

“I love you child, it’s all okay”

You and I are intertwined

Even when the world’s unkind

I love, I love you anyhow

Fatherhood is singing a lovely tune for me

Here, child, is where I’ll be

Feel your pain

It’s overwhelmed

I’ll put it in perspective

Whether or not we relate to ourselves

That ebbing tide

Will meet us once again

Does anyone who cannot say

Words of love will fade away

You and I, we’re intertwined

Everywhere and all the time

I love, I love you anyhow

Fatherhood is breathing life into a being


As we said in the notes to the video, “There’s something so special about the bond between a father and his children. Unfortunately, fathers don’t always get a fair deal when it comes to child custody arrangements. At the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, we welcome fathers who are looking to get more time with their children. Whether you’re exploring a divorce from your partner or you’re already and separated and need a decree modification, our attorneys are here to help.”

If you’re interested in working with Byrd, or any of our other lawyers who specialize in divorce, custody, decree modification, and CPS matters, schedule an initial consultation to get started. We’ll determine what legal options are available to you, and because of our experience and versatility, we can then pursue them on your behalf.