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Thought-provoking article calls attention to protective order issues

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Firm News |

Are some protective orders in Texas going too far?

As we head into an election day with massive implications for all of us, we’re reminded of a recent article we saw in the Fort Worth Weekly that raised our eyebrows — and made us think about the times we’ve wanted to bring about change.

The article examined the case of Riti Chikkerur, a mother of three boys who fought allegations of harassment and stalking against her. They are charges she contended were “baseless,” according to the article, and a Travis County prosecutor dismissed the charges.

And yet, it went on to relay, “The 17-year protective order remained in place and was used in Travis County family court to terminate Chikkerur’s access to her children. Now, the mother is allowed three five-minute phone calls a year with her kids: their birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.” The mother notes that the calls are monitored and that the whole situation causes her pain

But she’s also translating her feelings of frustration over the situation into action — launching a nonprofit organization called Our Children Matter Most, dedicated to what its website claims is “taking non-violent direct action steps to protect, preserve and promote the rights of our children for the benefit of humanity.”

In an open letter she posted on the site, Chikkerur contends, “I’ve had an unfortunately intimate view of the inner workings of systems that affect Americans en masse. Family Courts and their affiliated systems like CPS together have caused more harm than good on our innocent children.”

As a San Antonio family law firm that specializes in CPS cases, we have a lot of thoughts on this matter. On one hand, we emphasize the needs of the children in any case that we become involved in, be it a divorce, a custody case, a CPS matter, or any other matter in which children are involved. Regardless of which parent we’re representing in a matter, we consider the children to be the most important people involved in the case, and we’re going to do our due diligence to protect their interests.

That said, though, when it comes to CPS and the courts, they don’t always get it right. There are a number of cases in which they do, and their recommendations truly serve the best interests of the children.

But as Chikkerrur says is happening with her case, false accusations can sometimes lead to outcomes that aren’t just. In the most extreme cases, children who would be better off with their mother or father in their lives are deprived of that because of a protective order or court decision.

If you find yourself in such a situation, know that a court decision can be overturned. It takes a lawyer who is willing to fight for you, being forthcoming with evidence that will shed more light on your case for a judge, and getting your day in court. At the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, we’re willing to fight for parents who have been wronged by the system and need an advocate to help them get justice for their children. In an initial consultation, we can learn more about your situation, discuss facts that might indeed change the game for you, and then get to work for you and your children.