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When and how can I modify my divorce decree?


When a couple arrives at a divorce decree -- be it through mutual agreement or through a court's determination -- it's not necessarily the final word on that couple's legal responsibilities. That's especially true with child support, as people's circumstances and employment will change over the years.

What do I have to do after my divorce is final?


There are a lot of people out there who think-or perhaps hope-that once you go through a divorce and obtain a divorce decree, that you can just walk away. But, for many people in the post-divorce phases of their lives, that's not necessarily the case.

How is a divorce consultation like a trip to the ER?

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I think the analogy of a consultation with a family law attorney being like a trip to the emergency room is an interesting one. Any trip to the ER, unfortunately, starts with someone in pain, and also may involve that person not knowing what's wrong. Like an ER staff, a family lawyer is there to determine your situation and to place you on the road to recovery. 

What Not to Do During a Divorce

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Divorce can be a difficult process, to be sure, no matter what the circumstances. But it's obviously best to not do things that make the divorce process even more difficult. We thought it would be helpful to run through a list of things you shouldn't do during a divorce. While some of them might just seem like common sense, they're worth review, in part, because we've been involved in divorce cases where these things happen, and know the complications they can cause.

What is a gray divorce, and what should I know before getting one?


A so-called "gray divorce" is when a couple 50 or over decide to get a divorce, sometimes after being married for a quarter-century or longer. In a great number of these cases, the couple's children have already moved out of the house, meaning they don't have custody issues to settle. Sometimes, these couples do really "stay together for the sake of the kids," and sometimes, becoming "empty nesters" makes them realize that the marriage isn't working for them. 

The Four Types of Divorce


If you're looking to get a divorce, one of the first things to know is that there's not just one kind of divorce. Getting a divorce doesn't necessarily mean you'll be in a courtroom in front of a judge, though some divorces require that setting in order to be resolved.

What happens if I don't pay child support?


Child support is a hotly contested issue in numerous divorces involving children. Child Support dictates how much money a non-custodial parent is required to pay in order to provide financial assistance to the child and the custodial parent who is raising the child. While many factors go into determining a child support amount that is fair to both parties, it's sometimes the case that neither party is happy with the child support section of their divorce decree. After all, money does strange things to people!

Out of pocket child support payments - do they count?



Let's say you've recently finalized your divorce, and you have to start making child support payments. Rather than go through the OAG's office, you decide to make payments directly to your ex-spouse. That might seem faster and easier than going through the child support disbursement process--and your ex will certainly get the money sooner--you're potentially setting yourself up for a giant headache later on.

How can I be proactive in the CPS investigation process?


Those who find themselves in the midst of a CPS investigation, in which they temporarily lose the right to parent their children, will experience an extremely trying process. The claim that sets an investigation in motion might be unfounded, but the investigation has to run its course, because neither you, nor the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, can take any risks when it comes to the welfare of a child.

What can I get out of a consultation?


The attorneys here at the Law Office of Lisa Vance consider our relationships with our clients to be of the highest importance. I see my first meeting with each client to be important for many reasons, but one of the most crucial is that it gives both of us a chance to develop the level of comfort necessary for the difficult process ahead.

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