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June 2013 Archives

Cohabitation clause includes same-sex partners Texas judge says

When a couple with children divorces, there are often strong opinions about how new relationships will be handled around the children in the future. One spouse might be concerned over whether or not a boyfriend or girlfriend will discipline the child, whether the child will become attached to someone who leaves or even what life lessons are being taught by a non-parent.

Online dating yields less divorce rates

With the incredible technological advancements seen over the last twenty years, people are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. People seem to be busier and have more fast-paced lifestyles, and more people are finding technology-heavy jobs that require little face-to-face interaction, in Texas and elsewhere. That being said, it is no surprise that more and more people are turning to online dating to meet others. While some more old fashioned people are skeptical about online dating, a recent study shows that couples who meet online are happier and less likely to divorce than those who met the traditional way.

Explicit pictures of Alamo admin emerge in divorce case

Those living in San Antonio know that a divorce is one of the most difficult hardships that any family can go through. It is a process that can tear children away from parents and friends away from friends. When details come to light that make what should be a private struggle a very public spectacle, the stress and tenseness associated with an already complex divorce experience is greatly amplified.

Some states seek to change alimony rules

limony is the modern expression of the ancient idea that, upon marriage, a man is financially responsible for a woman for life. That idea has definitely changed in modern times and now, some states are attempting to limit the amount of time that an ex-spouse is required to pay alimony after a divorce.

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