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August 2013 Archives

Avoiding divorce mistakes that could harm retirement

When a Texas couple decides to end their marriage, the divorce process entails a set of negotiations surrounding the division of marital property. This property includes real estate holdings, investment accounts and retirement savings, along with a wide range of other items and accounts. In general, the vast majority of what a couple has amassed during the course of their marriage must be divided between the spouses as part of their divorce. The manner in which these assets are divided can have a great deal of impact on each party's ability to retire as he or she plans.

Couple still fighting divorce issues after 17 years

Divorce was not meant to be made into a lifelong process that consumes one's life. Judges and most good lawyers in Texas and throughout the country seek to achieve fair settlements and then see their clients move on to new lives and new beginnings. Unfortunately, there are some who would abuse the system. They can be from any walk of life, but the story today deals with the least likely of couples: formerly married law professors who've had various aspects of their divorce and custody case continuing for the past 17 years and it's still going!

Unusual appeals court ruling removes child support obligation

Texas readers may be aware of a recent appellate court ruling in a neighboring state. The ruling is unusual, in that it removes one man's obligation to provide child support for his biological offspring. Unlike the vast majority of court actions that protect a custodial parent's right to receive support for their child or children, the recent ruling will allow the man to move forward free from any obligation to pay for the care of his child.

Would you divorce a cheating spouse?

In the light of recent news coverage of the text scandal facing mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, many Texas wives are considering how they would react if their husbands behaved in a similar manner. Weiner has been caught once again sending sexually charged text messages to a woman who is not his wife, and the media has been relentless in spreading the salacious details of those communications. Weiner's wife recently spoke at a press conference not to announce her intention to divorce her husband, but to state that she loves him and wants to move beyond this controversy.

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