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January 2014 Archives

How military couples make it work

It can be difficult to keep a regular marriage together, but the stress of having a husband or wife in the military can make a marriage that much harder. Military families face separate challenges, and unfortunately a number of military marriages end in divorce. Military couples that are divorcing need different services than civilians. There are many unique issues germane to service members and military families that should be accounted for during the duration of the divorce. Including, family care plans, benefits, mobility schedules and more.

Texas man in custody case pleads guilty to murdering his children

Child custody disputes sometimes occur in a very emotionally fragile environment, with tension running high. In the majority of cases, conservatorship battles are resolved in a relatively mature and fair way, but there are sometimes cases that tragically tear families apart.

Did Hilary Duff resolve to do her divorce right in the New Year?

Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, the start of the New Year is one of the busiest times for divorce around the country. People resolve to change their ways and increase their quality of living – but for some, the best way to fast-track their way to a happier and more fulfilling life is to cast off any lingering ties that they may have with a spouse from whom they have grown apart.

Houston father faces jail time despite paying child support

Handling family legal issues is rarely easy, especially when a child is involved. Paying money toward child support is just one of many aspects of divorce or separation that can cause complications in a parent’s life. Whether it’s establishing the amount to be paid or coming up with the finances to pay in full each month, making payments can be a constant source of pressure and stress.

Giants safety arrested for unpaid child support

Are there any Giants fans in Texas? If so, they may have heard that safety Will Hill was arrested last month. The reason: unpaid child support. Texas residents may be surprised that a person can be arrested for falling behind on child support, but the fact is that this is entirely possible.

Don't let your child slip away: Understanding custody in Texas

As a parent, you naturally want to be as close to your children as possible. Whether it’s being there for birthday parties, heading out to watch the San Antonio Spurs play, or simply watching a movie at home, every day is an opportunity to enjoy time with your children. Unfortunately, separation and divorce can place a heavy strain on the physical and emotional connection between you and your child. Navigating custody disputes can also create bitterness between you and your ex.

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