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March 2014 Archives

Fathers' rights may not extend to the delivery room

The legal precedents surrounding a child of unmarried parents can seem like murky waters. Battles for custody or financial support are frequently quite heated, particularly considering that courts have historically ruled in favor of mothers. While the balance may be shifting to more equal consideration, a New Jersey court decided last year that fathers' rights don't extend to the delivery room.

Does premarital cohabitation make divorce more likely?

Couples throughout Texas choose to live together before marrying, and in the past, studies have suggested a link between divorce and cohabitation before marriage. However, a recent paper challenges this view, showing no correlation between cohabitation and divorce rates when age is taken into account.

Texas man seeks to reduce military divorce rates

When one or both spouses in a marriage are in the military, the pressures surrounding them can be extremely trying. It's no secret that busy schedules, time apart and heavy responsibilities can put a strain on a marriage, and that is especially true of military spouses. Recognizing this, the husband of a military member stationed in Texas has created an online video resource aimed at reducing the frequency of divorce among military spouses.

Lawmakers discuss means to improve child custody laws

Not all relationships work out. Often, it is healthier for some couples to go their separate ways. When there are children involved, it is necessary for parents to reach an agreement on the child or children's future care. For some, this is a simple decision to reach, while others may find the process a lot more lengthy and difficult. The most important aspect of arranging child custody, however, is the well-being of the child. Legislation in Texas and across the United States strives to reflect this.

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