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June 2014 Archives

Woman reunited with her military father after over 40 years

As many couples in Texas know, life's stresses and strains can put pressure on any relationship and military marriages are no exception. When there are children involved, matters can be even more complicated, especially if both parents are service people. Furthermore, when it comes to divorce, military families have a few extra factors to take into consideration. These range from military benefits to complex child custody arrangements.

Legal perception can affect child custody cases

Marijuana has been legal in Colorado for over a year now, and the herb has been gaining more and more widespread acceptance ever since. Whether its uses are medicinal or recreational, it's becoming less of a criminal offense across the country to possess or smoke marijuana. However, while the political atmosphere may be changing, the legal atmosphere is trailing behind. In states where marijuana is viewed less critically, there have been many instances of child custody scares due to the drug.

Texas law favors both parents equally in custody dispute

Divorces always come with some kind of complication, but that shouldn’t stop couples from seeking divorce if their marriage simply isn’t working out. Some people may refrain from getting a divorce that might improve their lives simply because they’re afraid of what they might lose. There are common stereotypes associated with divorce settlements, most of them including an estranged wife seeking an exorbitant amount of money from her husband, frightened that her quality of life will decline after a divorce. Men aren’t without their own fears, however, most notable of which is child custody.

Your actions can affect perceptions in family law cases

Family law covers a wide array of topics. From prenuptial agreements to divorces, there are laws in place to dictate the legal precedents of any conflict. Of all of these family law topics, those involving children are considered by many to be the most important. Children are the precious future of our world, and almost everyone who has children wants what’s best for them.

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