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July 2014 Archives

Study proves men can be effective primary caregivers

The fathers’ rights movement has been picking up a lot of steam in recent years. Possibly because women are taking a more active role in the workforce, more men are taking on bigger parental responsibilities. Additionally, as the divorce rate in our country remains high, there continue to be child custody disputes between divorcing couples. These disputes have been the biggest fuel for the proverbial fathers’ rights fire, as many men feel that the courts show an unfair gender bias toward women.

Jason Patric seeks to be part of his biological son's life

Many arguments exist about the validity of the fathers’ rights movement. Many fathers claim that they face a gender bias in the courts when it comes to child custody arrangements, but others claim that such a gender bias is a thing of the past. A case could be made for each, but one case with abnormal circumstances could again raise the question of how fairly fathers are treated.

Divorce is what you make of it

Divorce can be a frightening prospect, especially for the many who have never gone through the process before. The complex litigation might scare some people away, causing them to stay in a destructive marriage for fear of the unknown. Despite what you may believe, divorce is not a bad thing. It is a chance to close a chapter in your life that has become sad or difficult and begin a new adventure that can bring you happiness and laughter.

Issues like PTSD can put a strain on marriage

Members of the military experience things that most other people can’t even begin to imagine. Sometimes these experiences can leave a lasting impression on servicemen and servicewomen that complicates their lives for years to come. While there are many programs and support groups to help veterans and current members of the military through some of their difficult times, sometimes the problems are so severe that they affect personal lives.

Texas man jailed for failing to pay child support

One of the most important aspects of family law is how it affects children, and a particular case happening in Texas is causing a stir all across the country. The case follows the story of a man who failed to make his child support payments, through no fault of his own. He arrived at court when it was discovered that he owed over $3,000 in child support, however, it seems that he didn't realize that he wasn't paying his dues.

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