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November 2014 Archives

Oklahoma ruling awards almost $1 billion in divorce settlement

One of the most hotly contested issues in any divorce case is the division of assets. Understandably, both parties want to walk away with a significant portion of the marital assets, and there is often much debate over how much each spouse deserves based on their contribution to the marriage. In one of the largest divorce judgments ever to be issued in the United States, an oil tycoon has been ordered to pay a whopping $995.5 million to his ex-wife.

Texas adoption festival aims to find families for children

Welcoming a new child into the family is a joyous experience. For many this means the arrival of a newborn. Months of anticipation and preparation lead up to the happy day. Adoption is very much the same. It takes time to get through all the paperwork and the proof that you are a suitable parent. All the while you look forward to the day you become mom or dad to your new child.

Be prepared to tackle the unique aspects of military divorce

The breakdown of a marriage is sad for anyone. No matter how well things start out, over time you may drift apart. For military couples this can often be the case. Long periods apart, regularly being uprooted and moved around, coupled with the natural stresses of the job, can all take its toll on a relationship. However, although these are unhappy things, divorce itself does not need to be cast in a negative light.

What should I know about child custody in Texas?

Child custody in Texas is similar to child custody in many states throughout the United States, though custody is called conservatorship in our states. One of the primary functions of the courts in a child custody case is deciding which parents get which rights for the child. Many parents place the most emphasis on determining primary residence, which grants a parent the right to make the decision where the child lives. Even in a joint managing conservatorship, only one parent will have the right to make this decision.

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