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December 2014 Archives

Military divorce can be complex

Military life comes with all kinds of difficulties that most people never have to experience. In addition to the rigorous training and no-nonsense lifestyle, servicemen and servicewomen often have to leave their loved ones for months at a time when deployed. Even if they are not deployed overseas, military families are constantly having to uproot their lives after being stationed somewhere else, meaning that children have to leave behind their schools and spouses have to leave behind their friends. All of these tribulations can take their toll on a marriage, and some marriages end in divorce as a result.

Things to know about child custody in Texas

As you may or may not know, the law varies depending on which state of the country you are in. Whether it is business law, personal injury law or family law, each state has different rules and perceptions of how the law should be interpreted. When a particular legal matter becomes very important to you, such as family law during a divorce, it helps to know what your particular state’s laws on the matter are.

Does being a father hurt my custody chances in Texas?

As long as there are divorces, there will be disputes over child custody, and as long as there are disputes over child custody, there will be parents who feel that they are not being given fair treatment. In recent years, this belief has manifested particularly in the fathers’ rights movement, which seeks to overcome a perceived gender bias against men in child custody cases. This belief is not entirely without merit, as many statistics indicate that women have perennially been granted sole custody more often than men, but modern court systems have a much better record of equality.

Texas law is willing to work with military members in divorce

As difficult as divorce often is for people, it is significantly more difficult if one of the divorced parties is a member of the military. The already stressful life of a service member is made even more complex by the requirements of their divorce agreement, including having to pay child support and having a difficult time taking advantage of visitation rights. The effects of military life can be even more profound on both the service member and the child if the service member has primary custody of any children from the marriage.

Family law is a multifaceted legal practice

Family law is an extremely important legal area that can sometimes go overlooked by those who do not fully understand the depth of its reach. Many people are familiar with divorces and prenuptial agreements, but it may surprise you how many legal options there are for different issues of family law. For example, while most people consider the need for an attorney if they are disputing the custody of their child with their former spouse, it might also interest you to learn that an attorney can help you if CPS removes your child from your home.

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