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January 2015 Archives

Know your rights as a parent during divorce

Not all parents in Texas remain together, no matter how much they might hope to provide a stable environment for their children. Separation is always hard for families. However, a single parent can still provide just as loving, supportive and stable a home as a couple. Furthermore, in many cases, both parents are still keen to spend as much time as possible with their child and provide for them in whatever way they can.

Texas fathers have rights

In past years mothers almost always receive sole custody of children in divorce cases. In recent years fathers have begun to speak out and demand their rights as a father. It is the Fathers right to be able to see their child and have a relationship. Shared parenting, where mothers and fathers have equal time is more and more common.

What if my divorce agreement is no longer fair?

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns that nobody, neither courts nor divorcing couples, can see coming. Usually we simply roll with the punches and adjust to what life throws at us, but when the relationships we have with our former spouses and, more importantly, our children are put in jeopardy by these changes, things are not that simple. Fortunately for divorced individuals, the courts are not merciless, and there are policies in place that take these changing circumstances into consideration.

Chris Rock files for divorce

Sometimes when couples divorce, it can seem like divorce was always inevitable in hindsight. Couples who were always fighting or who never seemed to enjoy doing things together generally do not surprise anyone when they divorce. Nor is it terribly surprising when couples who were only together for a few months or years divorce. However, some divorces truly do seem like surprises, and even marriages that lasted for years can suddenly end in divorce.

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