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September 2015 Archives

Fathers' custody chances in Texas

For many years, all across the country, when sole custody of children was awarded to a parent, that parent was almost always the mother. There were many reasons that this may have occurred. Perhaps it was because the father was the primary wage earner and would have less time to care for a child, while the mother spends most of her time at home and could provide the child with the care it needed as it developed. While this may once have been true, it is not the case in modern times.

My ex is disobeying visitation orders. What are my options?

When it comes to child custody, courts are often extremely specific regarding the custody orders that are given. More than simply determining which parent is granted primary or physical custody of the child, child custody often comes with visitation orders that detail specifically when and where physical custody of the child will change. For example, you may have a custody order that states you must meet your wife at the public library at noon to give her custody of the child.

Family law covers grandparents' rights to visitation

Family law is an extremely important legal area that affects the lives of millions of Americans in many different ways. Many people are familiar with family law only through the scope of divorce. They see family law as the legal area which governs how assets or child custody or alimony are divided in a divorce. Since not everyone is happy with their custody arrangement or support requirements, they may see family law as an enemy.

Texas sees its first same-sex divorce

A few months ago, the Supreme Court of the United States made nationwide headlines when it legalized same-sex marriage all across the country. Many people rejoiced about the decision to finally marry their loved ones, but there were many people who lamented the new law. Shortly after that, Texas made many national headlines as various public officials and county clerks stood up for their religious beliefs and vowed to do what they could to stop same-sex marriages from happening.

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