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September 2016 Archives

Same-Sex Divorce: Working It Out While the Courts Work It Out

Thanks to the June 2015 Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges,  it's now legal to be married throughout the United States to whomever you love, including our great state of Texas! If a same-sex couple marries in Texas today, and then decides to get divorced at some point in the future, the laws that oversees divorce in Texas will apply as it has for heterosexual couples in the past (starting with the petition process, standing orders, and couples being able to choose alternatives to a litigated divorce).

The Four Humors of Divorce

When the ancient Greeks were developing their concept of medicine in the 5th century B.C., Hippocrates came up with the theory of four humors. They were fluids within the body, dictating a person's personality, and health and doctors of the time were concerned with keeping the four humors in balance. If one of more of the humors were out of balance, the thinking went, sickness and disease might result.

How to Persist When the Opposing Side Won't Budge

In most family law cases, I often have to remind myself of the importance of patience. As a family law attorney, we are always coming across the same issues, wherein the opposing party decides to thwart all efforts at our completing the discovery process. These efforts are particularly troublesome when our clients have concerns about the welfare of their children. It can become extremely difficult to move a case along, due to the opposing parties inaction, which only causes our client's concerns to grow by the day.  

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