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LGBTQ Family Law Archives

What does the next Supreme Court pick mean for gay marriage?

Same-Sex Divorce: Working It Out While the Courts Work It Out

Thanks to the June 2015 Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges,  it's now legal to be married throughout the United States to whomever you love, including our great state of Texas! If a same-sex couple marries in Texas today, and then decides to get divorced at some point in the future, the laws that oversees divorce in Texas will apply as it has for heterosexual couples in the past (starting with the petition process, standing orders, and couples being able to choose alternatives to a litigated divorce).

Legal Resources for Transgender People in Texas

I'm proud to provide legal services for transgender people in San Antonio and throughout Texas. In some respects, it's the best time in our history to be transgender, as more and more people are becoming aware of transgender people. But as the recent bathroom bill controversy is showing us, there's also a lot of misunderstanding about who transgender people are and what they're not.

Why We Can't Forget Orlando

It's now been nearly two weeks since the terrible tragedy at Orlando's Pulse nightclub, and after an initial outpouring of support for the victims and the survivors, we're beginning to see the story fade from our collective consciousness. Investigators are still trying to determine what the killer's real motivations were, with some questions about how motivated by jihad he really was, but those stories are getting less and less attention. The Senate held votes for new gun laws earlier this week after a filibuster inspired by the tragedy, but none of those proposed laws were actually passed.

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