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Solving Family Law Challenges Through Mediation

At the Law Offices of Lisa A. Vance, we want to create peaceful solutions to help secure your future.

While we do aggressively litigate disputes when necessary, we have found that in many situations, collaborative law and mediation can be more peaceful and less expensive.

Mediation involves the parties and their lawyers working together to resolve differences. A trained mediator will also be present and offer and suggest alternatives.

Bexar County Divorce Lawyers Using Mediation to Help Clients Reach Their Goals

We believe mediation can help resolve the issues in a divorce or other family dispute. Generally speaking, mediation offers a number of advantages, including:

  • You and your spouse, along with your lawyers, may be able to create a settlement that is tailored specifically to each person’s needs. In litigation, a judge will be required to follow specific laws when deciding your case. In addition, the judge only knows the facts of your case, and not you as a person. In mediation, you, along with your spouse, can develop a plan that addresses every part of your divorce.
  • We have found that mediation, often provides greater peace and closure than does litigation. Our lawyers have found that mediation can provide immeasurable peace of mind going forward.

At our law firm, we will help you understand what to expect in mediation and help you understand the potential range of outcomes. We also know that mediation is not right in every case. If we do not think we will be able to bridge the gap between you and your spouse in mediation, our attorneys are ready and able to present a strong case before a judge in litigation.

The mediation and divorce attorneys at The Law Office of Lisa A. Vance offer compassionate, experienced advice for those seeking mediation for family law issues in San Antonio.

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