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Advocating For Fathers’ Rights

Dads tell us they’re afraid they’ll lose their kids.

Not long ago, courts may have favored mothers over fathers in custody disputes, but no longer. In fact, Texas law recognizes that children do best when each parent maintains an active parenting role.

Fathers still need tough, skilled legal representation in a custody or divorce matter.

At The Law Office of Lisa Vance, P.C., we advocate for fathers. We understand the unique challenges fathers face in paternity, divorce, and custody and visitation matters. As mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, we value the impact dads have in the lives of their kids. We want to help you nurture and preserve that special bond.

Assertively Advocating For Fathers In San Antonio And Throughout Texas

San Antonio fathers’ rights attorney Lisa A. Vance offers our clients extensive family law experience.
Because of her leadership, we confidently and successfully advocate for dads.

We Will Help You Resolve Any Different Number of Issues Like:

  • The paternity of your child is being denied by his or her biological parent
  • The custody and/or visitation agreement is being disputed
  • You are being accused of being uninvolved in your child’s life
  • Unjust limitations have been placed upon your relationship with your child
  • Your paternal rights are being wrongfully terminated

Your parental rights should never be unfairly compromised, and we can provide you with strong and fair representation.

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