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Raised in an artistic and creative family, Lisa A. Vance quickly gained a reputation (over thirty years ago) within the local legal community as the “go to” lawyer for same sex clients. Long an advocate of the gay community, Lisa has presented their legal quandaries in the same way as would these affect any other person. Until the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on marriage equality, however, much of the family law quandaries had to be resolved by contact. Lisa was one of the first attorneys to work through the law to find creative solutions when our same sex and transgendered clients were barred by the courts.

Finally, equal rights have been firmly established by the highest court in the country. And so we celebrate the welcoming of same sex clients and transgendered people into the sometimes anxious and hostile realm of family law!

Now, the legal issues that might plague members of this community are easier for the people who come to us to manage. We are actively modifying gender markers for our transgendered clients and pursuing discrimination claims for our biologically diverse clients.

But as to all other family law issues, no judge is permitted, by law, to deny equality. We have worked for years with Gestational Surrogacy Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements; these now are often no different amongst our client population.

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At The Law Offices of Lisa A. Vance, P.C., we say that our clients are more than “just” clients. This simple statement guides everything that we do. When you work with our law firm, you can be certain that we will devote our time, energy and skill to your case. We have helped and will continue to help all types of families achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

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