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What to Expect From a Divorce Lawyer

Once you hire a divorce lawyer, you might be wondering what to expect. After all, most divorces are still first divorces, so working with a divorce lawyer is a new experience for lots of people!

You will have homework

While your lawyer will advocate for you, s/he has to know your situation. You’ll be asked what you want in a settlement and what things matter most to you. You’ll be expected to produce financial records. Your lawyer will guide you though legal proceedings, but you’ll need to participate to a degree.

Your lawyer is not your counselor

While your lawyer understands divorce is emotional, and may offer you a shoulder to cry on in the moment, a divorce lawyer works best when focusing on your decree. If you’re struggling emotionally during the divorce—which is common—you’re best to find a counselor who can help you with your emotions, and separate that work from the legal work your lawyer’s doing for you.

It’s your divorce

If you’ve been preparing for litigation, but feel that you’re rather opt for mediation or negotiation, you can talk to your lawyer about switching strategies—you’re not locked into litigation. While a good lawyer will walk you though the options available to you, the option you embark on is ultimately your choice. (And at the Law Office of Lisa Vance, we have lawyers who can guide you through several options.)