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When “My Divorce is Uncontested, Except For One Small Thing”

It’s not unusual that someone comes to our office, claiming that he or she has an uncontested divorce case except for “one small thing.” It can be a disputed asset, a disagreement over parenting time, or some other obstacle keeping the couple from walking away from the kitchen table with a decree.

If it truly is “one small thing,” it could be resolved in a meeting where a lawyer walks you through options and gets you to a settlement. Though our firm can only legally represent one party, it’s possible, in an otherwise uncontested divorce, to get the divorce settled with that arrangement.

If the “one small thing” is a little bigger, a mediation session might allow you to resolve that difference. Mediation can be used for more complex negotiations, but is particularly useful where it’s just one issue where compromise is viable.

Of course, there’s the chance that what might be “one small thing” to you turns out to be one big thing to your spouse, and there’s always the danger in divorce that one unresolved issue can open the door up to others.

At your first meeting, we can help determine the best strategy for taking care of that “one small thing” and getting your mostly uncontested divorce finished.