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Why Divorce Might Feel Personal, But It’s Ultimately Business.

The first reaction a person typically has to divorce—especially if the person doesn’t see it coming—is shock or anger or distress. It feels personal: It’s a rejection, after all, and if you don’t see it coming, it also pulls the rug out from under you, destabilizing a foundation you’d been counting on keeping.

But once the initial emotions pass, you have the business of divorce to take care of. Even though it coincides with the end of a relationship, divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage, and ultimately produces a legal document that allocates shared assets and spells out the days and times you’re legally entitled to be with your children.

If you think of it like that, it allows you more of a business transaction mindset about your divorce, thinking about its impact on your finances and your future. It can be very tempting to act out of emotion in divorce—either giving something away you shouldn’t because you just want to get to the finish line, or obstructing the process because you’re not quite ready for the divorce to be final. But emotion can cloud the thoughtful, logical work you need to do in order to come to a decree that works for your life after divorce.

In our initial consultation meeting, we can talk to you about your situation, what you need coming out of the divorce, and how to get you there.