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Why You Don’t Have to Go to Court to Get What You Want

There’s a misperception that’s still out there about divorce. People think you have to go to court to get what you want from a divorce settlement.

The truth is that most of the people who think they’re going to go all the way to court with their cases end up settling before they get there. Along the way, many couples taking steps toward a court date decide that it’s too expensive or unpleasant or unnecessary, and then shift from an adversarial position to a more cooperative one.

Though every divorce is different, many couples can save themselves time, money, and frustration if they decide on an alternative to a litigated divorce at the outset.

For some couples, mediation is a terrific alternative—it allows couples to come together for a half-day or full-day session, and with the help of a mediator, resolve the issues keeping them from arriving at a settlement.

Others find collaborative divorce works well. Each party is represented by a lawyer committed to arriving at a decree through meetings, and if necessary, financial and mental health specialists (with lower hourly rates than lawyers) can assist in dividing assets and helping you come up with workable custody solutions. Collaborative divorce allows for flexible, creative solutions that go beyond what a judge will typically award in litigation.

If you don’t want to go to court, but still want to settle your divorce with support from a lawyer, schedule an appointment with us so we can answer questions you might have about mediation or collaborative divorce.