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Divorce-Related Stress Is Not Inevitable

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Our Divorce Lawyer Advocates For Healthy Families Throughout The Divorce Process

Ending a marriage means upheaval and change for families. Divorce Attorney Lisa A. Vance can facilitate your complex divorce in a way that delivers minimal negative impact.

Dedicated To Positive Outcomes

Our team is guided by the principle of creating a healthy future for your family.

We Take The Time To Understand Your Goals

Every divorce is different. We listen and help you formulate a plan in order to move forward.

We Are Fierce And Compassionate

We offer divorce mediation, but we also can shield you with emergency orders of protection.

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Lisa A. Vance Awards and Recognition

“Came Out With Guns Blazing!”

“My first hearing was for Emergency Temporary Orders and … Lisa A. Vance came out with guns blazing! They maintained that same stamina … throughout my entire year-long ordeal.”

Gave Me The Confidence To Divorce

“Lisa gave me the confidence to get a divorce. … She was fair, honest, and realistic throughout the process.”

Taking The Strain Out Of Complex Divorce Situations

Our Team Equips You With Options And Experienced Representation

The Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, P.C., understands how devastating and confusing divorce can be. Our firm provides fierce, protective representation for our clients to ensure they are treated fairly. But we also seek peaceful resolutions whenever possible. Our legal team can help you with the following:

  • High-asset and high net worth divorce cases
  • Property division and asset division conflicts
  • Questions related to child custody and visitation
  • Calculating spousal or child support payment requests
  • Military divorce cases

If you wish to settle your divorce case out of court, we offer mediation services, as well as collaborative law services.

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How Can Divorce Impact My Business?

Business valuation can be one of the most complicated aspects of property division in a divorce. Depending on when your business was formed, how it was funded and how it fared during the marriage, the value of the business interest may well be considered part of your marital property. Our firm uses financial and other professionals to determine a fair value for your business and find innovative solutions during settlement negotiations in a complex business divorce case.

Committed To Simplifying Your Complex Divorce

We Can Handle Everything From Complex Property Division To High Net Worth Marital Dissolutions.