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Syrian Refugee Crisis

There was a time when America was the first to step up and render aid to countries and peoples in crisis; when our light truly was a shining beacon to the tired, the poor, the huddled masses. Our Country was founded on the premise of welcoming less-fortunate people from other lands seeking the freedoms that we enjoy.  Very few of us claim our ancestry from native peoples - we all came here.  From different countries, religions, principles and beliefs.  But we came in droves.  And we were embraced by the liberty offered us by this country.

Family Law can help recover child custody from CPS

When most people think of Family Law, they imagine a couple going through a heated divorce, attempting to determine who gets what in the division of marital assets. If there are children in the marriage, issues such as child custody and child support may instead take priority, but the truth is that many people only consider Family Law as a legal area that handles issues related to marriage and the dissolution of marriage.

Are there legal requirements for divorcing in Texas?

Nearly every state has specific requirements for filing for a divorce. Obviously the dissolution of a marriage is a significant issue in many ways: legally, socially and even religiously for some people. Because of this, states want to make sure that people cannot simply file for divorce haphazardly and without treating the situation with the severity it deserves. That is why certain requirements must be met in most states before divorce proceedings can continue.

Family law covers grandparents' rights to visitation

Family law is an extremely important legal area that affects the lives of millions of Americans in many different ways. Many people are familiar with family law only through the scope of divorce. They see family law as the legal area which governs how assets or child custody or alimony are divided in a divorce. Since not everyone is happy with their custody arrangement or support requirements, they may see family law as an enemy.

What should I know about adoption in Texas?

Adoption is a wonderful thing for many people: parents, children and couples looking to adopt. Though adoption is wonderful, it can also be quite difficult since it is a legal procedure with more than a few hurdles that must be overcome. In order to ensure that your adoption process is smooth, and there are no issues later on down the road, it is highly recommended that couples familiarize themselves with adoption law. Since the law varies by state, Texas residents should be aware of Texas laws.

Texas law officials react to same-sex marriage ruling

If you have spent any amount of time on the Internet or watching the news recently, you are no doubt aware that the Supreme Court of the United States voted 5-4 in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage across the country. This officially makes same-sex marriage the law of the land, but some states are hesitant to adopt the ruling without a fight. Texas arguably stands at the forefront of these reluctant states, with our state's Attorney General vowing to be a voice for the defense of religious beliefs.

Texas man forced to pay child support for girl that is not his

Texas law can be very difficult and confusing when it comes to matters of child custody and child support. The primary goal of the courts is to do what is best for the child, which means a custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the child and determining child support that ensures that the child will be provided for as it grows. Unfortunately, Texas courts can get a little zealous when it comes to these support orders, and it can be very difficult to have them changed.

Family law can affect your life through divorce and beyond

While criminal defense law may be featured most heavily in popular Hollywood films, family law is an extremely important legal practice for many individuals and families. The decisions made during and after a divorce case do not only affect the divorcing couple, but also any children born from the marriage, as well as grandparents who may or may not be able to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren. Family law is a complex, multifaceted legal practice that can completely alter the course of a child's life.

Family law is a multifaceted legal practice

Family law is an extremely important legal area that can sometimes go overlooked by those who do not fully understand the depth of its reach. Many people are familiar with divorces and prenuptial agreements, but it may surprise you how many legal options there are for different issues of family law. For example, while most people consider the need for an attorney if they are disputing the custody of their child with their former spouse, it might also interest you to learn that an attorney can help you if CPS removes your child from your home.

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