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Representation In Animal Welfare Law Matters

At The Law Offices of Lisa A.Vance, we are committed to our work on behalf of those whose language we do not understand.

We are honored to be chosen to represent some of the most important animal welfare cases in the United States.

Lisa Vance led a legal team to make sure the chimpanzees had a right to a high quality of life.


This case is the first of its kind.

Perpetrators of cruelty against animals tried to save money by keeping a group of chimpanzees from their natural environment, trying to go back on their agreement to provide suitable living for the animals in their care.

We are strong supporters of the amazing work done by Lynn Cuny at the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation in Kendalia, Texas and have been blessed to represent this non-profit in its amazing work to protect wild animals.

Lisa was featured with Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation on Animal Planet’s program, “My New Wild Life.”

Lisa Vance continues to work to coordinate changes in the legislature and will never sway from our commitment to change the law permitting animal cruelty.

Our steadfast dedication to these non-human species is evident on all fronts, in our “grass roots” populist efforts, our negotiations with city and county officials to enforce existing law and our continued litigation.

Texas now recognizes the abuse of animals as a predictor for abuse of humans in family law disputes. Our firm works closely with decision makers to protect the welfare of these sensitive, sentient beings, often solely dependent upon humans for their very lives.

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