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Many of us devote long stressful hours to developing our businesses. They are not just an asset, they are a part of our history.

Sometimes, we have contentious disagreements with our competitors, vendors, or employees that end up in a courtroom. WHEN THIS HAPPENS, OUR FIRM CAN HELP.

At The Law Offices of Lisa A. Vance, we protect our businesses with the same eagerness that we devote to our families. We listen to our clients. We learn about their businesses so we are able to represent them fairly and efficiently. We explore solutions that help resolve business disputes without litigation, wherever possible. We look to marketplace trends, examine the “big picture” of the long-term effect of even successful trials. We ask our clients about the effect on the business’ reputation as well as the employees in order to continue in protracted trial development.

There are times when business “on the high road” has no choice but to fight for itself in court. It is crucial in those times to hire skilled counsel, who is judiciously respected, and whose willingness to go the distance is well-known.

Our Attorneys Include Well-Known Litigators Experienced in the Trenches of Trial Work and Successful in Front of Juries and Judges Alike.

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