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Protecting You And Your Aging Loved Ones

We all want to hold on to our mental health for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, many of us will need help from our family or guardians in our final years. In fact, its common for adult children to want to make legal choices for parents who can no longer manage their affairs.

Guardianship involves a number of legal issues. It is vital that your lawyer knows how to take these steps in an effective manner.

At The Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, P.C., our elder law lawyers serve families in San Antonio and beyond. We establish guardianship to protect and care for older adults and those who are incapacitated.

We know that creating a guardianship is a major event, and we will work closely with you and your family to help you reach your goals compassionately and effectively. We will help you complete every step in the process, from preparing and filing documents to representing you in court. If needed, we can also handle estate planning matters along with your guardianship issues.

Call 210-265-6277 to schedule a consultation with attorney, Lisa A. Vance in San Antonio, Texas. Our divorce lawyers offer compassionate, experienced advice on family law issues including custody, child support, alimony and divorce. We also handle estate planning, probate, elder law issues, as well as animal welfare law.

Representing Family Members in Guardianship Disputes

We sometimes represent people who believe that a guardian or trustee is exploiting a parent or other elderly person for financial gain. Our attorneys represent both family members who suspect exploitation, as well as guardians or trustees facing these accusations. These disputes can be very emotionally charged, pitting siblings or other loved ones against each other.

We are sensitive to these dynamics, and we will attempt to resolve disputes efficiently so you can keep your family relationships together. Our lawyers are ready to make a compelling argument before a judge. However your case proceeds, we will be at your side throughout, helping you understand the legal issues in your case and helping you make wise decisions.

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