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Samira Lineberger



San Antonio, TX




Ms. Lineberger is a 1987 graduate of St. Mary’s University, School of Law in San Antonio, Texas. She has practiced in a wide range of areas of law and in many capacities. While a large part of her focus today is on Family Law matters, her vast experience in other areas of the law make her well suited to address the variety of issues that can come up in divorce suits, particularly with complex business and personal assets. Her vast litigation experience in such a wide range of the law not only gives her the depth to deal with a variety of circumstances that can find their way into a divorce action, but also provides the back drop for her well-honed, highly experienced trial and negotiation skills. Ms. Lineberger’s approach to her legal practice is to focus on service, individualism and smart sensible solutions, while still passionately fighting to protect the rights and needs of her clients. Her approach with her Family Law clients is to not only secure the best for her client, but to do so in ways that help them move towards a brighter and happier life. When there are children involved, the top priority is to look for solutions that are the best result for the children; to put them on a path that gives them the best chance of a happy, healthy and successful future. Ms. Lineberger understands that when your family is in crisis, you need support in ways beyond the law. Her family law practice is about not only getting the best results on the legal matters, but also in helping you make the best decisions for you and your family.

Ms. Lineberger’s experience beyond family law includes experience in commercial litigation, intellectual property, probate matters, bankruptcy proceedings, personal injury, employment discrimination and harassment, premises liability, products liability, construction defects, mechanics liens, fraud, defamation, FELA (Railroad employee injury cases) and DTPA (Deceptive Trade Practices Act) among other things makes her uniquely equipped to address a variety of client needs. Her trial experience ranges from damages and estates as small as four figures, to cases as high as eight figures.

Unique to Ms. Lineberger’s experience is her ownership and participation in several of her own businesses, including a multi-million dollar residential construction company, a mediation firm, and currently a consulting firm, Lineberger Consulting Group that advises law firms on business development and marketing strategies. This small business experience enhances her appreciation for what it takes to run a business, how a divorce is effective by business ownership, and how legal issues impact a small business from an ownership perspective.

Ms. Lineberger’s undergraduate work was at Texas A&M University where she received a BBA in Marketing. She is also an Adjunct Professor at St. Mary’s University, School of Law, where she teaches Business Development and Marketing for Lawyers and has taught numerous seminars on negotiation.