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How does summer parenting time work?


One of the most challenging aspects for divorced parents figuring out the parenting plan is how summer parenting time works. It's designed to help bring the time children spend with each parent closer to a 50/50 ratio, while also allowing each parent to have significant enough blocks of time to schedule family vacations and/or full weeks of summer camp.

What is a Loving and Caring Order, and do I need it in my divorce?

Loving and Caring OrderSome divorcing couples are able to set aside their differences to focus on what's best for the children, but for some couples, that doesn't come so easily.

In some cases, the conflict is so pronounced or the emotion is so intense that the lawyers working with them can foresee challenges a couple will have in their ability to co-parent. As we've discussed in a recent blog article, the focus of a divorcing couple should really be on the children - specifically, on making sure the children get much-needed time with each parent. 

Can I keep my ex from having any custody at all?


We get asked a lot of questions about divorce at the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance. It's our job to separate fact from fiction, to address misperceptions, and to help our clients understand how family law works while doing the heavy legal lifting. One misperception we hear quite a bit comes from people who are going through the anger and frustration inherent in many divorces, who want to keep their exes from having any parenting time at all with their children.

Divorce advice from the New York Times (that we agree with)


We came across an interesting article in the New York Times which ran this past Wednesday - offering suggestions from lawyers on how to keep costs down during a divorce. We agree wholeheartedly with much of the advice offered in the article, as they do protect you from costly decisions, and also make for better divorces.

How should I conduct myself in the courtroom?

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At the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, we're mindful of how unfamiliar many of our clients are with courtrooms. Indeed, for a great number of our family law clients, divorce court is the first time in their lives they've ever been inside a courtroom. A lot of what they assume to be true about court comes from TV and movies - which doesn't give the full, accurate picture of what it's like.

In my divorce, what do I include in my inventory of assets and liabilities?


When you're preparing for a divorce, one of the most important things you'll do is compile a list of assets and liabilities that both you and your spouse have accumulated together during the marriage, as well as any other assets and liabilities that might be considered separate property under Texas law.

The people getting married today might need pre-nups the most


The divorce rate in the United States today is indeed declining, in large part because of the types of people who are choosing to get married as well as the types of people who aren't. That's the conclusion of an article published this past fall in The Atlantic -- one that makes us think about an option heading into marriage that more couples should think about. 

Do women really initiate divorce more than men?

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We recently saw an article that caught our attention regarding who in a marriage is more likely to initiate divorce. The study cited in a Psychology Today article noted, in a study involving more than 2,000 heterosexual couples, that nearly 7 in 10 divorces were first sought by the wife rather than the husband. By contrast, women and men were nearly equal in initiating breakups for non-marital relationships.

Is there a difference in how men and women are affected by divorce?


We came across a recent, fascinating article in Psych Central on the differences between men and women in divorce - particularly, in the emotional effects they experience. It serves as a good reminder that men and women do indeed have differences that need to be factored in to the divorce process.

What are the benefits of being divorced?


"What are the benefits of being divorced?" It seems like an odd question to ask, particularly thinking about the emotional challenges facing people during and after the divorce, as well as the financial challenges it can bring. But in moving from the uncertainty of contemplating divorce to the certainly of a finalized divorce, many people can begin the glorious process of moving on and moving past it.

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