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Lessons for High-Net-Worth Divorce from the Highest-Net-Worth Divorce of them all


Earlier this month, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos divorced after 25 years of marriage. The divorce, finalized in Washington state's King County (containing Seattle and a number of its suburbs), split an incredibly high-net-worth estate.

Am I eligible for spousal maintenance?


Spousal maintenance, known colloquially (but not legally in Texas) as alimony, is applicable in some but not all marriages. There are a series of requirements establishing who is eligible and for how long they're entitled to receive it - though, at its core, it's intended for spouses who didn't work or were unable to work during a marriage to have support while making a transition to working as a single person. 

How do I prove adultery in my divorce case?


With Texas being a no-fault divorce state, couples here can end their marriages without proving infidelity. And yet, in a number of cases when infidelity figures into the end of the marriage, the person who has been cheated on wants to bring it into the equation. Does it really make a difference, though? And, if so, how should one go about proving it?

Tell your lawyer the truth (even if you think it's bad)


In both divorce and custody cases, a lot of dirty laundry can be aired, and a lot of closets can be open to reveal the skeletons within. When you're married to someone, you learn a lot about them, and it's very possible that your bad traits, failings, and worst moments make it into a court case where the future of your children is being decided.

When is the best time of the year to file a divorce?


Is there one best time of the year to file divorce? There's not one good, easy answer to this. On one hand, divorce is a lengthy, life-changing process that can be disruptive while it's going on. It requires changes in where people live and how people go about their lives - all while trying to maintain as much of a routine for the children as possible.

Why does a divorce cost so much money?


We get quite a number of calls from people who have moved from thinking about divorce to actually taking the first steps. One of the most common questions they have concerns cost. As they're determining what it will take to get divorced, they wonder why it costs so much.

Are there apps that can help me with my divorce?


About this time last year, we published an article by our very own Byrd Bonner that talked about how parents can get on the same page regarding their parenting schedules after their divorce. One of the things we talked about was Our Family Wizard, a co-parenting app that helps parents coordinate parenting schedules and shared expenses. While it won't eliminate all conflicts that a divorced couple might face, an app like Our Family Wizard definitely helps to improve communication and reduce confusion -- integral to preventing conflicts.

How does summer parenting time work?


One of the most challenging aspects for divorced parents figuring out the parenting plan is how summer parenting time works. It's designed to help bring the time children spend with each parent closer to a 50/50 ratio, while also allowing each parent to have significant enough blocks of time to schedule family vacations and/or full weeks of summer camp.

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