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Can I legally change my child's name after birth?


At the Law Office of Lisa Vance, P.C., we often get the question about changing a child's name after birth. That's understandable, given that we're in the age of the modern family, with blended families and with children who aren't necessarily raised by their biological parents. 

Who has the rights to keep the placenta after I give birth?


We recently received an interesting call to the Law Office of Lisa Vance, P.C., regarding a placenta. The call specifically asked about whether the parents could keep the placenta, post-birth, to determine whether or not the mother of a newborn was using drugs. I was intrigued, so to the books I went and discovered that Texas does in fact have laws on this subject.

Mediation: You Get What You Pay For

Everyone Tense.jpeg

I've recently been working on a number of mediation cases. I'm glad that we offer it as a service at the Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, as it's the perfect solution for some couples who are seeking divorces. They may not have the number of issues or intensity of issues needing litigation to sort it out, but they also might not be able to sort out their divorce decree on their own.

How do I deal with a default judgment if I'm facing one?

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The first thing to know about a default judgment, if that's something you're facing, is how your case got to that point. It typically involves a defendant who hasn't responded to a summons from a judge or has failed to appear before a court of law when required.

What are temporary orders, and do I need them in my divorce?

Couple negotiating 9-10-18.jpeg

You may have heard about temporary orders and wondered if it's something you need as you're going through your divorce. While not every couple gets them, it's a step that allows couples to proceed in a divorce with agreements in place that function much like the divorce decree does once a couple gets divorced.

What should I know about back-to-school time if I'm divorcing?

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This time of year can be especially exciting for children, as they go back to school, as well as their parents. But as an article in Divorce Magazine points out, it can also be stressful, for good reason. Even those kids who haven't graduated or moved into brand new schools will have new classes, new teachers, and all the change that comes with that.

What do I do when Child Protective Services lets me know I'm under investigation?


The first thing to do, when you're notified by Child Protective Services (CPS), is to remain calm. It's certainly a frightening prospect to lose your children, and that can be the ultimate outcome in some cases, but know that CPS doesn't want to separate a child from a parent permanently unless the parent poses a clear and profound danger to the child.

What factors affect the cost of a Child Protective Services case?


No two Child Protective Services (CPS) cases are the same, so it's hard to conclusively and definitively say how much it will cost you to defend yourself in a CPS case. If your right to parent your child is at risk because of a CPS investigation, you'll certainly want to do whatever you can to keep from losing that right. It is helpful, however, to know what forces might drive those cost up.

How can an attorney help resolve my Child Protective Services case?


Cases involving Child Protective Services (CPS) can obviously be very stressful and overwhelming. They are usually initiated because someone questions the safety of a child or children while around the parent named in the case, and the end result can be that parent losing the fundamental right to raise his or her child. Because of that, it can potentially be helpful for a parent involved in a CPS case to bring in an attorney to help resolve the case.

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