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What to Ask a Divorce Lawyer at the First Meeting

When you’re sitting down with a divorce lawyer for the first time, you want to make sure that you and the lawyer share the same basic outlook. Remember that you’re not looking for a counselor, or a friend, or even someone you’ll have a long-term relationship with, like a doctor or banker. You’re looking for someone who will represent you in settling your divorce, with a settlement that helps you (and your children) move forward.

Knowing what you want in a settlement will help frame the most important question you can ask a prospective divorce lawyer: “What do you think the best way is to achieve that?” Some lawyers believe it’s best to prepare for a court battle and try to win it there.

We see litigation as necessary in some cases, but many of us believe that negotiation and alternative dispute resolution options like mediation and collaborative law can achieve quicker and more satisfactory results with less rancor.

Understanding what kind of fight you want is essential to knowing what kind of lawyer you want fighting for you. Since the Law Office of Lisa Vance has a diverse group of lawyers on board, it’s likely you’ll find one who’s a good match for you. Check out our bios to learn more about them.