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When I Want to Divorce Now!


Your spouse has done something to hurt you—an affair, a financial indiscretion, or some other breach of trust. You’re mad, and you feel like nothing can be done to repair the damage. You want a divorce, and now!

While that’s a perfectly natural feeling in those situations, you need to momentarily pump the brakes on such feelings to determine if you’re financially, legally, and mentally ready for a divorce. Before you introduce the topic of divorce to your spouse, you owe it to yourself to meet with an experienced family lawyer to talk about your situation.

Knowing what assets and debts you and your spouse share, as well as which ones you hold individually, is an essential part of the divorce process, and if you can do that homework before you officially file, you’ll have a better sense of what resources you have to divorce as well as what you’ll be fighting over.

It doesn’t need to be a fight, of course—you might feel like going to court will be the way to inflict the most pain on a deserving spouse who wronged you, but it might not be the most prudent, cost-conscious route you could take. And depending on the state of your estate, there might be better options than court for divvying up assets.

Emotions are powerful, especially in divorce, but they eventually dissipate. You may want to divorce right away in the heat of a difficult discovery, but you want to make sure it’s the right thing for you to do, and our lawyers can help you determine that.