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Why a Pitbull Divorce Lawyer Can be the Pits

Let’s say you’ve found a lawyer who boasts about being a pitbull. This lawyer will fight for you in court, promises to win, and promises to stick it to your spouse in the process.

In the moment, that might sound great—but before you sign on with a pitbull divorce lawyer, let’s talk about what that means.

Because you’re preparing for a court fight, you’re bypassing any negotiation that might be possible. You’re immediately in an adversarial position with your spouse, and if you have children together, you’re damaging the co-parenting relationship you’ll continue to have long after the divorce is over.

Because you’re going to court, you’re automatically on the court’s schedule. The judge won’t check with you to see if the date chosen works for you—it’ll just be chosen, and you’ll have to take however long it takes for your pitbull lawyer to fight it out against your spouse’s lawyer.

Settling a divorce in court can also cost quite a bit of money. The “fighting” that a pitbull lawyer does on the way to court and in court won’t come cheaply.

And then, at the end of the proceedings, the judge will decide. If your lawyer’s done a good job for you, you might win everything you wanted. But you may also end up splitting assets with your spouse, being forced to sell the family home and divide whatever profits come from that, and get stuck with a custody schedule that inconveniences both parents and children.

Some cases do require court, and some situations make fighting for sole custody a good idea for your children. But meeting with us will help you realistically assess the best strategy, whether it’s fighting or negotiating.