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The Faces of Our Firm


Lorelle Dalmolin – Senior Paralegal and Case Manager

photo of Lorelle Dalmolin

Once Lisa sets their litigation plans, our paralegals work with our clients to gather the evidence wit will need to present their cases to the Court. Lorelle is Senior Paralegal and she is in charge of “training” not only the legal assistants but the new lawyers as well. Lorelle began working as Lisa Vance’s paralegal in 2001. Lisa now thinks of Lorelle as the “keeper of her brain”. She has a great rapport with her clients, they often ask to talk to “their Lorelle.”

Andrea Valdez – Paralegal and Case Manager

photo of Andrea Valdez

Andrea has been working with Lisa since she was 19; they have a deep connection – Andrea is our Quiet Woman, but that brain of hers is always spinning!


Enedelia (“Eny”) Gonzalez – Chief Operations Officer

Photo of Enedelia (“Eny”) Gonzalez

Eny began working with Lisa Vance over 20 years ago when they were both working in a large firm. When, in 2001, Lisa left that firm, she knew she could not manage her life without Eny. They have always been there for each other. Eny is the true strength of the office. Everything flows over her desk.

Lauren Sullivan – Assistant Operations Officer

photo of Lauren Sullivan

Lauren comes to us with a tenured history of administrative success. She can manage personnel and payment issues while working on plumbing and the garden! Lauren is a peaceful and strong-hearted soul who seamlessly manages her way through diverse administrative challenges every day.

Director of Marketing

Vera Steves

photo of Vera Steves

Vera understands the needs of the firm to move in the ever-changing markets. She has a distinguished private business background and is quick to spot concerns that will face potential litigants in their commercial and family worlds.

Jessica Goodman – Senior Client Coordinator

photo of jessica goodman

Jessica Goodman holds a Bachelor’s degree in human development of family studies and brings her therapy training to comfort people who can’t see their way through a whirlwind of grief and anxiety. Jessica is a brilliant and gentle woman, committed to bettering the lives of people who look to her when they are unable to even think through their dilemma.

Leona English – Client Coordinator

photo of Leona English

Leona is one of those people who REALLY listens. As folks in trouble call in, Leona listens. The client knows Leona is really hearing their needs. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Service Management and is working on a Master’s Degree. After 30 years of working directly with the public, she has heard many stories, but knows the most important story is the one about you.

Receptionist and Support Staff

Frances Antu – Receptionist

photo of Frances Antu

The first voice you will hear when you call The Law Office of Lisa Vance is likely to belong to Frances. She is the first face in the lobby and she has a sweet and calming nature. Frances has a calmness to her; she can trap scared and gently suffocate anxiety.

Frances is a master at our calming aromatherapy and camomile tea. She and Lisa have a “high-stress alert” code so that a client with worries can move from terrified to peaceful.

Emilio Guerra – doer of all things

photo of Emilio Guerra

Emilio Guerra files documents, coordinates hearings, organizes case files and works on the political and judicial campaigns for the candidates we support. Emilio also frequently works in our gardens and cares for the animals who live with us. He is a strong and caring young man who does so much for our clients and staff.